Jumat, 25 Januari 2008

Ocehan di siang bolong

When a sun shinning bright, and when a city on their rush hour.........

Q : Excusme miss... may i know what's your name?
A : Oh..sure... my name Laura. Laura Ashley.
Q : I'm Gadis. Gadis Jawa. Where do you come from Laura ?
A : Toronto, Kanada.
Q : May be i can ask you, a little think about my country, could you?
A : Oh yeah please.. it's my pleasure..
Q : Ok, thank's! First, What do you do in Indonesia? And how long you have been stay here?
A : I'm traveller, Gadis. I like visit every country who has a beuatiful panorama, like Indonesia. My first destination in Bali, humm.. what a beautiful beach there! I love Bali...
I've been stay here about 2 weeks.
Q : What do u think about Indonesia in 2 weeks, Laura?
A : Indonesia, humm... when i go back to my country, Toronto. I will tell everyone there, about how beautiful Indonesia it is. And i will tell them, about how they will be regret if they never visit Indonesia in their life.
The other thing that make me love Indonesia is, they have friendly citizen, like you of course. ^_^
But i'm so sorry, when i visit Jakarta & the other big city in Indonesia, it's not too different with my country. Crowded, noisy, pollution, and also the uncontroll traffic.
Q : How about economic condition in Indonesia?
A : Hehehe.. sorry, i don't know anymore about that. Because i visit Indonesia to enjoy their nature :P. But, from my travelling with one city to the other city, i knew so many people fulfill their necessity as a trader / business man. And i think, Indonesian people have good commercialism. And about price, especially food, Indonesia has cheaper than mine. :)
Q : May be, sometime i could invite you to visit my village in East Java, and you must sensed Nasi Pecel. Hehehehe....
A : Hohoho... I've already, it's so delicious.... don't forget about Rawon too... :D
Q : Oke, Laura. The last question. What the most interest / nice think, when talking about Indonesia ?
A : Of course so many thing interest in Indonesia, but the most thing, Indonesia is a wealthy... rich country. Not only beautiful nature, but also the culture. Indonesia teach me, about the beautiful of unity in difference.
Q : Oke Laura, thank's for your time. Nice to meet you, and have a nice trip! ^_^
A : It doesn't matter, nice to meet you too.... thanks girl..... :)

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